Give Cabot Mula = More Glory

You will not regret this decion King Henry

I know that entrusting a man coming from a different country is risky but please give me a chance King Henry the VII. I will have this project started on 1496 about a year from now. I was born in Italy but I worship England now. I promise to you my king that I shall bring in to you more gold then all you have in your palace, more power that you could make other countries fall by the your touch, and enough land that you could make England the biggest country ever created. We could also establish a trading system with the new people we meet on the new land, but that's just a suggestion, my King. I will try and go for the upper regions of the new land since our opposing countries which are Spain and France would want the lower part so we don't have to engage a war with them. It is also a good idea that we go to the upper regions because the other countries would want the same resources as we do. If we do end up facing with the natives or a opposing country I suggest a agreement but if they disagree I say brute force! We might also face some bad obstacles but we'll face them as we go. I Promise thy King with my own blood that If you choose me that shall promise everything I said before me. If I come back empty with sadness and regret you can slice my head on the bloody guilatine with no mercy! I say these words as if I'm giving up my soul so please sire give me thy petty and let me be the one who shall explore.

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