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Fall 2014

6th Grade LEAP students walked to Prairie Trail and read Bunny Cakes to Kindergartners to promote early literacy.

Need help "Making it Fabulous?"

Introducing "Make it Fabulous Friday!" I'd love to help plan your next PBL, or even just help make a tried and true lesson just a little more "Fantabulous"! Come down during your planning on any Friday and we can talk about how to make your lesson fabulous! :)

Young Adult Book Support Group

I'd love to start a book club for teachers where we discuss all the coolest new YA books. Are you interested?

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September 16th #DotDay

Mrs. Lawrence and I read Peter Reynold's book "The Dot" and then had students create art based on our essential question, "How will you make your mark on the world?"  Then we shared our work with a global audience through Skype and GHO!

Learn more about #dotday from our Storify link or Youtube video!

Contemporary World students discuss the importance of Digital Citizenship.

#ReadfortheRecord - Oct. 21st 2014

Read for the Record is a campaign to highlight the importance of reading and early education.  We participated by walking Mrs. Robertson's 6th grade LEAP students to Prairie Trail and buddy reading with 40 Kindergartners.  Mrs. Ross's 8th grade students used Facetime to small group read to 40 Pre-K students!

Maker Monday Origami and Brushbot Wars

Advisory @lamar_library

Advisory is one of my favorite times of the day because kids come in to study, check out books, and even make stuff!  Thanks for letting them come to the library!

Pathfinders for Research

Mr. Phan and Mrs. Rhoades brought 6th Contemporary World students to research Latin American countries.  I built them a pathfinder to help guide student research and taught them advanced Google search techniques!

Mrs. Carpenter's and Mrs. Ross's 8th grade History students learn how to use Advanced Google Operators to research more effectively.

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