The Causes of E-Waste

This problem gets bigger and bigger, more than you think...​

Electronic waste, also known as E-Waste, is a problem that grows every day. This issue is one with a lot of causes. First of all, the technologies we are using at a daily bases are getting not usable really quickly. The reason is that companies have created products that don’t last long; they want people to spend money on the brand new device just to make profit. These pieces of technology are built with the idea in mind that it should break after a couple of years or even a couple of months. Companies are spending a lot of money on the marketing of their products and they want people to think that they should have the latest version of the new product. So, companies are creating an addiction that is unstoppable. Another cause of electronic waste is that most citizens are ignorant of where is going their electronic device after they reached the end of their lifetime. Most of rich countries' electronic waste goes to developing countries where they are not equipped to deal with all the toxic substances present in most of today’s electronic devices. This brings us to a related point which is that rich countries even pay other countries to be able to export all their harmful material. For a developing country, it is an interesting deal keeping in mind they don’t have a lot to offer to those imposing nations. So the reasons why E-Waste exists are that our society have evolved in a way to create products that are not built well, that companies want to make profit without thinking of what their products will become and finally, the world’s leading countries export their E-Waste to hide the problem to their resident. So instead of buying the new device that one or another company have released, try buying one that will last longer and help the environment.

- Kevin Pastor