The Stand.

Welcome to the Stand!

Location - 111 HWY 23 South Mapleton MN 56065.

Hours Monday - Friday 7AM to 6 PM. Saturday and Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM.

What is the stand you make be asking well the stand it a great way to get all your fresh fruit, veggies and meats just ask one of our regular customers that has rated The Stand a 10/10 on the national fresh fruit stand poll in the past two years now that's fresh. We pride our selves every day to make sure our customers are getting only the best of the best quality of fruits from apples to watermelon, and the freshest veggies from carrots to onions, and only or best quality of steak, chops, and ribs. You can come down anytime and any season we have a nice indoor building in the winter and when the weather warms up we open the doors up for that fresh Minnesota breeze to blow threw.

Contact number if any questions about fruit,veggies, or meat please call 507-772-2345.