Mara J. Knudson



Hello!!!! My name is Mara! I am 11 years old, 5 feet and 3 inches tall, and I’m in the fifth grade. I live in Berrien Springs, MI. I live in a large house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room (they are connected), a living room, a bonus family room, and a big front and backyard.

My Family

I live with my Mother, Father, my 3 year-old sister Rylee, and my 1 year-old sister Peyton. My Mother’s mom lives in Kentucky along with her sister Patricia  and her husband, Timothy , also my Uncle Ken and his fiancee Britney live in Kentucky . My Father’s Mother and Father live in Minnesota with their son Zachary, who is 21. They have another son named Casey, who is 28 that lives in Fargo, North Dakota. Their daughter Kendra, who is 27, lives and teaches in Taiwan. I also have 2 other sisters and 2 brothers that don’t live with me. The oldest is Skyler 22, Kandas 20, Joshua 18, and the youngest is Gabriella who is 8 almost 9.

My Interests

Some of my interests are: Horses, dogs, cats, (to make it shorter LOTS of animals) snakes (SOME), frogs, toads, my favorite food is: steak, ice cream, french fries, my favorite sports are: football, basketball, floor hockey, baseball, volleyball, and some of my hobbies are: skiing, drawing, reading books!!!! (i.e. Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, and Biographies)

Fun Memories

One Fun Memory that I have had just recently was over this past Spring Break. I went to Kentucky with my Mom, Rylee, Peyton, and Gabriella. (A.K.A Lala) We went there to visit my Grammy, Aunt Patty, and my 2 Uncles. I think the most fun part was when we rode the horses around. The first time we rode with saddles and the second time we rode bareback! ;D Other fun memories are: Going to Minnesota to do Thanksgiving, Christmas, especially 2015! Also when we went to Minnesota my family and I stayed in a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice hotel and guess what…. there was a WATER PARK RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR!!!!! :D It was REALLY fun staying there! Also other fun memories are: Going to Kentucky (again) for Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and just because in the Summer!!!! :D

Best Friends

I can tell you right-off-the-bat that God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit are my Best Friends!!! ;D But I don’t have any Best Best Friends, but I DO have the BEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! Elizabeth A.K.A Lizzy or Liz and Erin A.K.A Ery!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (The first picture is of me giving Lizzy her LATE Christmas gift! And the second picture is Erin! ;D)

My Pets

Right now I have 3 cats; Ping-a-Ling, (girl) Taylor, (girl) and Mizuno (boy). We had to recently put down our dog Bunker (boy); Because he had aggressive Lymphoma and we also think he was actually over 10 years old think how many that would be in dog years! But in the past I have had at least 3-4 dogs, I think some other cats, and 20 fish at one time!!! (but, it was just the fish at once,, NOT ALL of the other pets!). And the animal I really, really, really, want to have is……A HORSE!!!! ;D

My Future Goals

I don’t exactly know what I want to do. I might want to become a Horse Veterinarian (or just a regular Vet), an Equestrian Horse Jumper, a Nurse-Pediatrician, a Rodeo Cow-girl, and possibly a Teacher!!!!! :D Also I want to have an AWSOME family with 3 or 4 children! :D

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