Emma Donoghue
Book Report: Krynn Arbuck

Jack is turning five, Jack has lived in a single room all his life with his closest friends TV, Bed, and Ma. Nothing outside of room is real to Jack things such as dogs, grass, and ice cream. There not real, their just TV. Every day Jack and Ma get clean, eat, play sports, learn, scream at skylight, and watch a little TV, and eat dinner. Then at night Jack sleeps in wardrobe and Ma sleeps in bed and sometimes Old Nick, (a man who brings them groceries, clothes and occasionally toys for Jacks birthday) comes in and sleeps with Ma. Old Nick is the only thing that scares Ma. Jack hides in the closet because Ma doesn't like Old Nick talking to him but Jack has reached the age that he starts asking questions. Ma explains to him that room is where she has lived since she was kidnapped seven years ago. Old Nick has lost his Job and Ma is scared that Old Nick will leave the house with them in it and starve to death. So Ma comes up with a plan to escape by pretending that Jack is dead, they roll him up in a rug and Old Nick puts him in a car and Jack escapes at a stop sign. Jack later catches up with Ma after she escaped from room when Old Nick forgets to lock the door.

Now that they are out of room Ma and Jack have to adjust to the real world, its hard for Ma to come back to reality but room was reality for Jack everything is now backwards for Jack. They reunite with Ma's family, it's pretty awkward for Ma and Jack. They become close with Ma's brother Paul and his family. Ma and Jack get invited to talk on a talk show and it becomes very emotional for Jack, and people start blaming Ma for what has happened because . Paul and his family take Jack to the mall and while they are there Ma tries to kill her self by over-dosing on pills and gets sent to a hospital. Jack gets sent to his grandmothers house which is hard for him because he doesn't know her or her ways and his grandma doesn't know him and his ways. When Ma gets better Jack asks to go see room again, Ma agrees to take him back, Jack says goodbye to room and everything in it and shuts the door to the first five years of his life.

The theme of the book was to know that even when you think you know what's going on there's always another side of the story.

1. I enjoyed the the entire plot of the story, having to figure out what Jack was meaning from his young boy brain.

2. The Tone of the book was dark and mysterious, you never fully understood what was going on until the very end but it was very creepy.

3. The bias was directed towards Jack, I heard the story in his perspective and he didn't truly understand what was going on and he was sort of "brain washed"

4. The ending was satisfactory for the most part because everything is summed up and makes sense in the end, but you never know what truly happened to Old Nick

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