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By Kelsey Jobson


  • Have you ever play soccer?Well if you have not take a dive into soccer.There my be some tricky things but I bet you could learn them real quick.
an up close picture of a soccer ball


A talking soccer ball
  • Briana is a star goal keeper.Shes been a long time goal keeper for US Natioal Team
Briana Scurry

Some People That Play Soccer

  1. Mia Hamm :)
  2. Kristine Lilly :0
  3. Brandi Chasain:(
  4. Brinia Scurry:^


  • A red card is when you do a really BAD foul and you are out.A yellow is just a warning.You can not touch the ball with your hands.
Mia Hamm signing somthing


  • Let me tell you about some positions.Forwards are when you are up the field and you are on the far side of the field. Striker is when you are in the middle of the field you are up the field.Defender is when you are by the goal and you do about almost every kick.Goalie is when you try to save the goals that come darting at you.


A pull back is when you put your foot on the ball and you pull the ball back.The most common move is the step over.I hope you can do all of the moves that I tought you!:)

soccer ball and a goal


  • Striker-when you are in the middle.
  • defender-getting the ball and sending it away
  • Foul-when you push or knock them down .


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Bye I hope you have fun with every thing I told you about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

bye bye

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