How is American society represented in the documentary?

After watching Super Size Me, I have a lot to say about the documentary. The documentary about a man called Morgan Spurlock who does a high fat diet on McDonald's food for 30 consecutive days. Morgan wanted to show the world what a high fat diet diet will do to you or just the effect of junk food in general. The documentary showed some disgusting facts about obesity and how it's growing fast in the United States of America. The documentary got really close to showing how fat and obese Americans are and how much junk Americans really eat. There was a point in the the documentary where Morgan visited America's fattest city Houston, Texas. Texas had the top 5 fattest cities at this time. The documentary wants to really show how unhealthy Americans are and how children are being effected as well. 1 out of 20 in 17 million Americans will have type 2 diabetes before the age of 15! Here's another unhealthy fact from the documentary, 60% of Americans get no exercise at all and lead a completely sedentary lifestyle. Most Americans walk no more than 5000 steps a day.  

In Super Size Me they told us that McDonald's classified their users. They are split into different types of users/consumer depending on how much they/often they eat McDonald's. 72% of people who eat McDonald's at least once a week are heavy users. 22% people who eat McDonald's are super heavy eaters - they eat multiple times a week. Now seeing how much these people eat this food because it's tasty, cheap and made on the go, America is becoming lazy from the looks of it. So seeing that Super Size Me has had an impact on Americans and McDonald's, 6 weeks after Super Size Me premiered McDonald's announced they were eliminating their Super size menu.

Does this change the image and advertisement on fast food, especially when advertisement for McDonald's has been aimed at children, McDonald's spent $1.4 billion on direct advertising and the average child sees 10 000 food advertisements each year on TV. 95% of those ads are for sugared cereals, soft drinks and candy. The 5 A Day Fruit and Veg Campaign only spent $2 million a year how can they compete?

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2 years ago

Good job Alex. Liked how you had some statistics in there, really helped.