The cholpocalypse

There is a problem almost as big as the zombie problem and its the becoming worse!!!!!! However there is a way to stop it from spreading... we just need to educate ourselves to stop the problem

I know what you may be thinking, LEARNING THATS YOUR SOLUTION!!!!! But if we better understand the problem we can avoid it in the future and become a better society we will learn about LDL and HDL and we will be comparing and contrasting them

a common misconception is that LDL is bad while HDL is good but thats not the case both are neither bad nor good. Another common misconception is that they are cholesterol which isn't the case both are lipoproteins.


LDL is a lipoprotein that transports cholesterol  from the liver to the tissues, it also builds up plague which makes the vessels less flexible and harder to move and it leads to a higher chance for heart attack

HDL is another lipoprotein. HDL helps remove LDL cholesterol from the arteries.

Both are neither Good nor bad But HDL is batman and the LDL is the joker that means that one is meant to stop the other from succeeding

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