I Like this skate brand called stussy because they have like cool ideas and designs on there clothing.
I like Nike because they have great shoes and clothing and the quotes on some of there clothing sometimes relates to me.
I like apple because they have very quality cameras and the battery in Apple products can last up to days withouth dying.
I like to eat at Benihana because their food is very good and they have there own sauces to eat with the food and its interesting.
These donuts are the love the love ♥️ Of my life I eat these donuts everyday like I can't even describe how good these taste I just love them

1.  One thing I would say that all logos have in common is that they all have a sort of sign that stands out and colors that catches your eye.

2.  What makes them memorable is that all the logos are have there own little catchy sign and advertisements etc.

3.  I would make my logo big and with a color that stands and I would have my logo everywhere.

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2 years ago