Types of Construction Equipment Commonly Used

As cities seem to expand every day, a strong need for developing new infrastructures and residential buildings has arisen. Each day, a new property launch occurs at some place within the city or the sub-urban areas. Moreover, the pace at with construction projects are launched and completed has increased tremendously.

This amazing pace of development is possible due to the rapid technological revolution that engulfed the construction sector. Masons, architects, and craftsman have given up their traditional tools and are now relying on modern machinery to simplify work. Some of the commonly used construction equipment is mentioned as follows:

1> Cranes

For all the heavy-lifting required at construction sites, cranes have played an indispensable role in making things smoother for the workers. From loading steel bars, bricks, to heavy reinforcement bars; cranes are used to lift and drop almost every item necessary at the construction site.

2> Loaders

Similar to cranes, Loaders play a key role in Earth-moving. From levelling of land to clearing debris, loaders are used for almost everything. Companies like Mahindra manufacture heavy-duty loaders for construction purposes. They also manufacture similar construction equipment useful at building sites.

3> Crawlers

Crawlers are required to dig earth from the site. For setting up pillars, substantial amount of earth-digging is required. Traditionally, workers took days to dig and excavate the construction site. Nowadays, with earth-crawlers, you will be able to dig sites easily, without any problems.

4> Backhoes and Excavators

For leveling land or removing boulders, crawlers are not feasible owing to their tremendous size. Thus at small excavation sites, backhoes and excavators are used. Using excavators, you will be able to remove boulders and small stones, which would otherwise require extensive efforts.

5> Compactors

To level and smooth the land, compactors are used. They are heavy and help in arranging the stones, sands, gravels, etc. on a plain surface.