Gravity? Who needs it!


What are the Properties?

Helium is located on period 1 group 18. It is a Noble Gas. The symbol of Helium is He. Helium is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas. This element has 2 electrons and protons and 2 neutrons. It is this because Helium or He is a noble gas. It has the lowest boiling and melting points of any elements in the Periodic Table. Helium is the only element which doesn't become a solid when the temperature is lowered. Helium is the second lightest element. Helium also has a high thermal conductivity.

What are the common uses?

The largest use for helium is in cryogenics. Helium is used in cooling the super conducting magnets in MRI scanners. About 78% of helium is used in pressurizing and purging. Helium is used in blimps because it is lighter than air.

Sales Pitch

Helium is great for many things. It should be used for the survival because let's say you are running out of fuel; just take some helium and put it in the fuel tank with oxygen and it creates fuel. Also, say your oxygen tank is almost empty; just put in some helium and it should help, but do this at your own risk.

Skills Rank

Biological Need: 2.5 stars

Social Need: 4 stars

Functional Need: 3 stars

Defensive Need: 1 stars

The biological need is at 2.5 because you really can't use it to help you. You can't eat or drink helium; If you inhale too much you will get Asphyxia and die of suffocation.

The social need is better than the biological need. It is rated at 4 stars because you can trade it for a good bargain.

The functional need is at 3 stars because it will help you if you get in trouble. When you start losing fuel you can just put some Helium into the gas tank and it will create fuel.

The defensive need is the lowest out of all of them. This is mainly because you really can't use it as a weapon. The only thing that you actually can do is to make the aliens breath it so they will die.

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