Tissue project

By Eli Mooney

A tissue is a group of cells whith the same funtion that combine to form a tissue

four types of tissues

- Epithelial tissue

- Connective tissue

- Nervous tissue

- Muscle tissue


-Epithelial functions include protectin absorbtion filtration and secretion

- Connective functions include protection supporting and binding together other body tissues

- Nervous functions include irritablillity and conductivity

- Muscle functions include contracting or shortening to produce movement


Epithelial tissues are classified into two categories: one cell thick is known as simple and if it is two or more cells thick such as the skin, it is known as stratified

Connective tissues are classified into two categories: loose, and dense connective tissue

Nervous tissues are classified into three categories: Unipolar Neurons which are single processes or fibers which divide close to the cell body into two main branches because of their structure they are often referred to as unipolar neurons, Multipolar Neurons are neurons which have numerous cell processes they are referred to as multipolar neurons. Interneurons are also multipolar, Bipolar neurons are spindle-shaped they have a dendrite at one end and an axon at the other.

Muscle tissues are classified into smooth muscle tissue and stratified muscle tissue

Specializations Of Epithelia

Epithelial tissue covers the cells. It lines the body cavitites

Examples Of Each

Nervous tissues are found in the retina of the eye

Muscle tissues are found in all over the body. Anywhere where bones moves

Connective tissue is found where ever muscles are connected to the bones

Epithelial tissue is found in the lining of the kidneys

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