Why Sleep?

Why is sleep so important?  With out sleep your body slowly starts to actually shut down until you pass out.  sleeplessness is a side effect of many medications.  sleep helps you learn and stay focused.  your body needs the rest to function properly.  things like growing won't happen as fast or as much with out sleep because sleep is where you the most growing. 

I need at least nine and a half hours of sleep on school days or else I'm really tired and cranky.  On the weekends I usually get eight and a half to nine hours.  on average teens should get about nine hours and fifteen minutes.

*  don't consume caffeine four to six hours before bed
*make sure your room is cool and quiet
*turn off all electronics (though that is how some people fall asleep)
*take a hot bath or shower before bed
*be active through out the day to make you more tired

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