Wars of The Roses

By: Caleb, Dominic, and Cassidy

     The "War of Roses" began in England back in 1455. It only lasted for about thirty years. The two teams fighting were The House of Lancaster and The House of York. Their goal was to claim the throne of England. Both houses had the right to the English Throne with the effects of King Edward III.

     Back in 1455 is when it all started. It begins with the battle of St. Albans. The house of York had defeated Henry VI. Next, in 1460, The Lancastrians had defeated York in a MAJOR victory. After that we had seen Queen Margaret had gone to France. In 1470, York had created a new army and defeated the Lancastrians. Last but not least In 1485, Henry Tudor had defeated Richard III in The battle of Bosworth.

     Henry Tudor had killed Richard III and became the new king and had ended "The War of Roses."

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