The direct cause of the WWI is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an Austria- Hungary prince.

It was the first time that tank was used in war. One of the soldiers sat on the side road and lifted a wooden stick with a New Zealand hat on the top. ( Picture was taken in France)

The first time that an aircraft was ever departed by catapulting from a warship. The structure of the aircraft is simple, because airplane had just been invented one decade ago, and this new technology had already been used in war.

Soldiers in the trench, some are wounded, some are dead and some are alive but they are terrified. Life was extremely brutal for soldiers.

The soldier in trench was writing a letter home. None of the soldiers wanted to keep fighting this slow brutal and nasty fight. All they wanted to do is going home safely.

The women, part of the telephone operators, sat in a signal  room to answer the calls. The signal room is located less 2 miles from the trenches. Women had made lots of contributions in WWI.

Some people could not take part in the war as soldiers, but they played an unique role in WWI, the volunteers of Red Cross. They took care of a number of the wounded soldiers.

Some places are still dangerous from unexploded  WWI munitions, even though the war had ended for 100 years.