Asian vs American

Khalil Humphrey & sharice brodie
2nd Period

Asian Eating Etiquette & Manners 101
1.) They use chopsticks for eating anything everything except soup they slurp with that with a spoon.
2.) You are not allowed to use your lips on a glass in public.
3.) You must ask for the bill.
4.) You do not have to tip. It is not customary to.

Asian Diner Clothing

When going out to eat in public you have to dress formal to show that you have respect for their culture and the restraunt. In majority of Asian restraunts they keep a shrine of a dragon or a buna that they want people to respect.

Asianz Clothing Wear:

In Asian there clothing is always fancy. They always have some type of design like a wedding or a church dress. They keep their heads covered because most asian have little, no hair, or some hair to keep everyone consistent and to keep their legacy going.

Merica vs Thee Asianz
1.Social Relationships:
Merica: People most comfortable with their social equals; importance of social rankings minimized.
Asianz: People most comfortable in the presence of a hierarchy in which they know their position and the customs/rules for behavior in the situation.
2. Friendships:
Merica: Large collection of "friends" and acquaintances which changes over time and involves only limited mutual obligations.
Asianz: Small number of close, lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated to give each other whatever help might seem required.

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