Delayed Puberty

Delayed puberty occurs in approximately 3% of children. Constitutional delay in growth and puberty is more common in boys than girls.

PATHOLOGY: Disorders of the testes or ovaries can cause hypergonadotropic delayed puberty. In this case, levels of gonadotropins are high, but the ability of the testes or ovaries to detect this is impaired and therefore they cannot respond to the gonadotrophins by producing testosterone and oestrogens, respectively.

SIGNS / SYMPTOMS:  The defining signs of delayed puberty are no breast development in girls by 13 years and small testes of less than 4 ml in volume in boys by 14 years. Another sign can be slow linear growth although that does not necessarily indicate delayed puberty.

CAUSES: It occurs in children who are healthy but simply have a slower rate of physical development than average.

TREATMENT : anabolic steroid.


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