The Mongolians
(Mongolian Empire/Yuan Dynasty)

The Mongolian Empire

     The Mongolians were a group of nomadic people to the north of China during the 1200's. The Mongolians were so large that they were divided into different groups, the leaders of this group were called Khans. If a certain group had a powerful military and could lead several groups, they would come to power. One khan by the name of Temujin would take over the several groups of Mongolians. He would later take the title name of Genghis Khan, this means "Universal Leader".

     Mongolian culture was centered around strict discipline and a strong military. Genghis Khan demanded loyalty from all of his people, and rewarded the people who pleased him.

During their reign, the Mongolians had taken over most of Asia, the Middle-East, and parts of western Europe. Before Genghis Khan had died in 1227, he stated to his sons "With Heaven's aid I have conquered for you a huge empire. But my life was too short to achieve the conquest of the world. That task is left for you".

The Spreading of the Mongolian Empire

Yuan Dynasty

Below is a link to both information and a brief video of the Yuan Dynasty.

Kublai Khan was the next great leader of the Mongolians. His goal was to finally take over China, a task that had been started in 1279. The Chinese believed that the Mongolians were a very barbaric group and because of that, they resented them.

In order to please the Chinese, Kublai Khan decided not to force any cultural ideas from Mongolian onto them, he instead embraced their culture. To show this, he gave his time of ruling, a Chinese name (Yuan Dynasty). Kublai had also moved the former capital in Mongolia to what is now present day Beijing, China.

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