Where ancient societies, and big time industrializations lye

Geographical view of Japan

Big 5: Economy

Japan is big in most businesses such as the industrial business. this is why money is not a problem in Japan. My countries money system is the yen system. This system is the traditional system for Japan and its inhabitants living there. One yen is the equivalent to 100 sen. This roughly translates to our money system. 1 yen equals to 1 dollar (roughly). Japan trades mostly with other countries for different types of food such as grapes, pineapples, peaches, mangos, other fruits, and other vegetables. Japan trades with the USA mostly but some countries can sometimes be rare for them to trade with. The economy impacts the people by there being a surplus of money for everyone. People living there don’t have to pay big taxes like some parts of the USA, people who don’t live near the city such as farmers, ranchers, and some Ainu people get money from the government. The Ainu however don’t need the money as they live off the land without the worries of city folk or depletion of food and supplies. Japan is a wealthy country with a balanced economy and government.

Big 5: Technology

Japan's industrial tech comes from the car business and electronic business. not only that there is the video game industry, which is very big in Japan like nintendo. In my country, people tend to use the bullet train to get from one place to another. Bullet train stations are everywhere from under the water to ancient temples in Kyoto. No matter where you go a bullet train is sure to go wherever you are. Japan is also big in industrial tech and many cars are made from many different companies. Such as Mazda and Honda who make great new technological cars every year. Technology in my country is very important as if they didn’t make these new industrial inventions they wouldn’t be able to trade for their needed supplies such as food and even sometimes oil. That’s why gaming companies are so important here. Technology impacts the people here by making sure they get their supplies such as food and oil for their new cars. The Japanese can always count on their different industrial companies to always get their needed supplies.

Big 5: Government

Japan's type of government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. it is currently led by the prime minister known as Shinzo Abe. My country’s leader is the prime minister and leader of the diet Shinzo Abe. This constitutional monarchy has a house of representatives called the diet. Each house the house of representatives and house of councilors. The representatives have about 480 members, while the councilors have 242. The constitutional monarchy means that they have a leader that has another group of members who make decisions along with the prime minister who approves of the decisions. The government impacts the people living there by making sure the society each have a fair amount of taxes to pay and somewhere to live. The diet takes care of the economy and any government issues the house has. The Prime minister makes sure that the society get their fair share of money and needed supplies people regularly need. They pretty much leave the natives alone as they don’t need to be taken care of.

Big 5: Society

The people in Japan are very traditional yet modern and civilized. The very same people live in major cities such as Tokyo or Osaka. The cultural people live in places like Kyoto or the island of Hokkaido .My country has a very unique society. The food they have is mostly traditional like rice for every meal and tea along with tofu and different meats. Many young people mostly have the always famous fast food for most meals because it’s what is cool, like McDonalds and/or Denny’s. Religion during the most modern time of Japan’s history isn’t as practiced or as important to the more modernized people living in the central area of Japan. But people still practice the Shinto religion and Buddhism, but most people only practice those religions in the island of Hokkaido. In my country the language spoken there are Japanese, and a side language of English. Not many people may speak it but you’ll mostly find it to be easy to communicate with people there. Some jobs over there are inventing jobs and business jobs. Such as gaming industries, car industries, electronic businesses, etc. society impacts the people living there because the people make up the companies and jobs people work at, different people like the Ainu influence the different peoples religions and beliefs and also maybe where they live, eat, and breathe. Finally it impacts what the Japanese people invent or build such as capsule hotels, and bullet trains because peoples busy jobs need places to stay quickly or to get to places quickly.

Big 5: Geography

The geography in Japan yet settle may be the biggest and brightest of them all. MT.Fuji for example is one of the most beautiful places in the world! people write about it, sing about it pretty much anything you name! But its still could be dangerous at the moment it is a dormant volcano that could erupt at any moment!My country’s geography connects to the following countries: China, Russia, and the whole country of Korea. The geography in my country is very subtropical yet very much like the Iowa climate. Like mostly in the central part and northern part especially. Usually the summer, spring, fall have anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very humid and will rain a lot. The winter is normal except not as cold as it can get here in Iowa. It’s usually very snowy and cold with the temperature being anywhere from 10 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Very windy and chilly as the same of Iowa. The terrain is very rocky and mountainous. Pretty much everywhere is full of hills or mountains along with volcanoes and over 3,000 islands. My country’s landforms are not all important or even named since there are so many. The most important one is Mt.Fuji. Mt.Fuji is a dormant volcano that hasn’t erupted since the medieval times. It is treated with great respect and has many songs, paintings, poems and people usually tend to climb this mountain a lot. This impacts the people by the different foods they grow. The really only food they can grow is something they are very well known for. Rice is about the only thing they can grow because not many plants can grow in mountains. The only other thing is tea which surrounds Mt.Fuji. Because of this the Japanese have to trade with other countries to get different kinds of food that are famous around Japan like different fruits and vegetables.


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