Physical Properties Mass,Bouyancy,Heat,Density,

By: J.J. Hyatt


Heat is A type of temperature that is warm of very hot. Heat is the opposite of cold.

Other words for heat are hot, warm, and high temperature. Heat is also comes from the sun. Heat is also the cause of global warming.


Density measures the objects length,area, or volume. Density is used to measure objects. Density also measures clothes and what Density your leg is.


Magnetism is a magnetic fores that pushes and pulls on an object. Magnetism, you can found out if something is or isn't magnetic. Electricity can be used as a magnet too.


Mass is the gravitation of a persons body. Mass is measured in gravitational force. Mass is the gravitation of one thing compared to another.


Buoyancy is the capacity to remain afloat in a liquid. It also can rise in air or gas.

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