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               Hair Loss In Women- What You Should Know

Just as a health care professional may recommendMinoxidil 5% for treating loss of hair in men, many women too approach the doctors to find remedy to the same issue. It may be due to something in your genes, due to ageing, or hormonal changes. On an average, the growth rate of hair in follicles is approximately ½” per month. Each strand will keep growing non-stop for 2-6 years before stopping, and finally falling off from your head. After this, a new strand will start growing at the place vacated.

So, when does baldness occur? It happens when, after hair falls off another one fails to grow in the same place. Some of the main reasons why this happens in women can be any one of the following,

  • Androgen level changes due to menopause, leading to coarser ones on the face and finer texture upon the head.
  • If there is a family history associated with baldness among women, this surely increases your chance of undergoing the same affliction.
  • Hair breakage due to congenital abnormalities related to hair shaft from pulling, twisting hair or various treatments.
  • Skin diseases may result in hair follicle scarring, iron deficiency, autoimmune diseases, deficiency of biotin or other vitamins.
  • Patchy loss of hair, presence of syphilis, medications like beta-blockers or chemotherapy, hormonal issues like high testosterone levels, abnormal levels of thyroid hormone.
  • Hair loss may happen in post pregnancy scenario, after surgery, or major illnesses.

Your doctor may recommenduse of Minoxidil 2% in any one of the above situations based upon proper diagnosis and considerations of the associated risks. So what are the main symptoms, which should inspire you to contact a specialist as quickly as possible? If the bulk of thinning hairline is concentrated near the crown and top of scalp, it surely is a cause for concern. Widening will start usually through the central part of hair. Front hairline however will remain intact in such cases. Unlike in men, with women the loss of hair will progress rarely to near total or total baldness, which would otherwise become a reason for major worry.

What forms the basis of such diagnosis in females?

When you contact your physician, he/she will first negate other reasons besides female baldness pattern, as the cause for hair loss. They will also study the associated pattern and appearance thoroughly, the medical history of the patient, androgen levels in the body, and presence of new acne. Diagnosis also happens for abnormal hair growth between pubic area and bellybutton, or upon your face. Any clitoris enlargement or changes associated with menstrual cycle are also noted. If the doctor suspects in diseases as the underlying cause he/she may perform various procedures like skin biopsy to ensure. Examination of hair under the microscope is another standard process that checks for the presence of lead or arsenic as the culprit behind alarming loss of hair.

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