Kayla Hallfielder S&E Marketing Final

Find and evaluate a movie poster

This is a movie poster from the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs. I really like this movie poster and I think it is very well done. I think this poster really makes people want to see the movie even though it doesn't give anything away about the movies plot. The picture is very large and bold which draws a lot of attention to the poster. Also the red text is a good contrast to the white and black background. This poster is a really good example of teasing the plot line because such a shocking image makes people want to see this movie even though you really don't know what the movie is about. This poster may make people want to see this movie just because they may be intrigued about why there is a bug on a girls face!!

Changes in TV delivery

I think with all the new technology that is coming out lately that regular television is going to slowly die away. People can just stream the TV shows on iPad, laptop, or smartphone and don't have to wait for their favorite show to be on TV. If enough people stop watching TV then the networks would eventually start losing money which would cause them to just stop airing their shows. If this happened, then more people would be forced to pay to watch their favorite shows from sources like Netflix, Hulu, or even the networks website. Marketing would be affected by this too because people wouldn't watch as many commercials since they would be able to skip the ads. This would force advertisers to change their marketing strategies so more people would see their ads. I think if they did more ads on the internet, such as a pop-up ad, or even more billboards or posters, more people would learn about a new show or episode.

Amusement park website

I researched Cedar Point Amusement Park which is located in Sandusky, Ohio right on Lake Erie. I think this website does a very good job of selling this amusement park because they clearly state many times on the site that Cedar Point is the "world's best park" or "roller coaster capital of the world" which is obviously going to make people want to go there! There is a part of the website where you can watch a video of the roller coasters and other rides so it feels like you are actually on them! I think this is by far one of the websites best features. It makes people want to see what the ride is like in person. I think they have an effective pricing strategy because the price remains constant throughout the entire season. The only difference in pricing is for the ages. The adult ticket is $49.99 while the junior(child) or senior ticket is only $34.99. They also offer the season ticket which is six "easy" payments of $20.00 and they even off a special 2-day pass which is $87.99. I think all these different pricing options help families decide how much time they want to spend at this park or even when they go. There weren't really any sales promotions on the website besides the tickets. There were also a lot of group ticket purchases available. There are a lot of positive things about this park judging from the website. A lot of their roller coasters break world records and there seems to be something for the whole family to do!


Additional value for my Amusement Park

If I had my own amusement park I would probably start off having fairly cheap admission tickets (no more than $30.00 a piece). I would also design a water park to go along with the roller coasters because they are cheaper to build but also very popular with all ages of people. To gain more of a profit, I would charge an additional ticket to get into the water park although I would make it possible to purchase just the water park ticket so I wouldn't deter any potential customers. Another way my park could make more money is by having a large merchandise store. I would sell additional clothing, souvenirs, and toys throughout the park so people would have a wide selection. I think an arcade is also a good way to make money because a lot of kids like to play those kinds of games.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

I think the top three movie marketing strategies are: 1. Trailer/ TV Commercials. This is a good strategy because so many people watch TV or go see a movie in the theaters and that means that a lot of people will see the trailer and potentially get them to go see your movie. These usually leave people wanting more and the only way they can get more is to actually go see your movie when it comes out. 2. Billboards and Movie Posters. Billboards and movie posters can be very eye-catching and can be seen by many people so I think this is a really good strategy to get your movie known. If your poster or billboard has really bright or bold contrasting colors, large text, and shocking images, then people will probably notice it which can make them want to see the movie. 3. TV Appearances by Actors. I think this is an effective strategy because a lot of the time people will go see a movie just because a specific actor or actress is in it. Some movies come and go in the theaters without much publicity at all and I think if an actor in the movie goes on TV or the radio or even just on their personal social media account and they talk about the movie, a lot more people are going to go see it!

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