Bangladesh is a captivating country located in South Asia. They have many customs and traditions that are very different from America's. Their land is very intriguing and beautiful. Bangladesh is very similar to India because they are neighboring countries. The coolest things about Bangladesh is their religion, their people, and their sports.

Bangladesh has a very cool religion. Most people living there are Muslims. They have a prayer five times a day; the first one starts at 4:30 a.m. Friday is their greatest prayer day. Most stores and places are closed on Friday because of the prayers.

The people are very interesting also. Elders are the most respected in Bangladesh. When a younger person meets an elder he approaches him, touches the elder's feet then he touches his own chest and repeats three times to show respect. Everyone in Bangladesh has at least one maid. If they do not have a maid they are considered very poor.

The last cool thing about Bangladesh is their sports. They have nine players on the volleyball court instead of six. Their national sport is cricket. Some games last from eight to eleven hours! Football is the second most popular sport.

Bangladesh is an amazing and intriguing place. If you ever get a chance to go there you will not regret it. While there make sure to explore the land, talk to the people, and take part in some of their sports. You'll have a blast!

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