The moon's Importance
By Jonathan Lopez
6 hr

The moon is something that helps us humans to see in the dark. Also the moon has different phrases like for example the waxing crescent, waxing gibbons, first quarter, so on. Those phrases can create eclipses like the lunar and solar eclipses. Next are the tides like the spring and the neap tides.

We have this moon phrase because to show how it looks like. Why does it effects Earth because every month it changes to different eclipse.

The tides occur because every time when is summer the tides go low. When there is nobody the tides get higher. Then, its goes on and on. A neap and spring tides look in common. How does it effect Earth? It effects earth we have tides in earth.

The types of eclipses are lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, total solar eclipse, and partial eclipse. When does it occurs? It occurs when the moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun, blocking sunlight from Earth. How does it effects Earth? It effects us because the moon's shadow then hits earth.

The moon is so important because the moon gives light in the dark. Without the moon we would not light when is dark.

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