Self-Reflection Brianna Prange

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Top Matching Career Areas Included:

Health Science:

People in health science careers promote health and wellness. Some workers directly work with patients, such as doctors and nurses. Others work behind the scenes in labs to diagnose the patients. Working in the health science field gives you many options to choose where you want to work. You could work in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, and many others.

Human Services:

Workers in the Human Services field help people and families meet their needs and goals. You could work in a government office, hospital, or school. Workers in schools might help a student find the right college for them, or get a scholarship. Working in humans services includes a lot of different occupations, from a career counselor to a hair stylist.


Educators teach people to help them succeed in life. There are many levels that you could teach in; including elementary, high school, and college. You could also teach adults in different job areas, or train them on the job.

My Key Interest Areas- SIC

S-Social: Social people like to work with people, they prefer this over working with objects, machines, or data. Jobs in the social areas include Athletic Trainer, Registered Nurse, or teacher. Most social people are skilled with words, and like to teach and help others.

I-Investigative: Investigative people like analytical or intellectual activities. They like to do things like reading, studying, problem solving, and investigating. They also prefer to work with ideas rather than people or things. Some jobs include veterinarian, dentist, or chemist.

C-Conventional: Conventional people like work activities that are organized and orderly. They like to have routines, and to have accurate records. They also like to work with things, data, or machines. Some jobs include loan officer, paralegal, and statistician.

Careers I would Consider:

1. Registered Nurse

2. Social Worker

3. Physical Therapist

My Personality Traits-ISFJ

I-Introvert: Introverts are people that enjoy one-on-one time, or like to be alone. They are most likely reserved and private, and often like to focus on one thing at a time. Most introverts to recharge by spending time alone after being social.

S-Sensing: Sensors focus on what is real and actual, and prefer facts and concrete data. They are detail-orientated, and focus on the present. They also learn step-by-step, and are down to earth.

F-Feeling: Feelers are people that like to sympathize with the problem, and are often tender-hearted. Feelers tend to take things personally, and are sometimes seen as overemotional. They are guided by personal values, and prefer to be tactful.

J-Judging: Judgers like to have structure, and often work first and play later. They prefer to have things settled and decided and organized. They like to have deadlines, and complete projects on time. They also value order, and are goal orientated.

Careers I Would Consider:

1. Social Worker

2. Med Tech.

3. Nurse

My Strongest Skill Areas

My Strongest Skill Areas Include:


Thinking Critically


Being Aware of Others

Helping Others

Managing People

Careers I would Consider:

1. Health Care Social Worker

2. Athletic Trainer

3. Social Worker

My Most Important Values

My Most Important Values:



Helping Others

Honest and Integrity

Work-life balance

Careers I Would Consider:

1. Health Care Social Worker

2. Nurse Practitioner

3. Physical Therapist

What I Learned About Myself

When taking the different assessments, I really wasn't surprised by what I found out. Especially when I took the personality assessment, that assessment fit me to a T. I've always liked structure in my life, and I do enjoy my alone time. I feel like the things the assessments told me I already knew about myself. I know that I enjoy helping others, and family has always been very important to me. These assessments really affirmed what I already knew, but it was helpful to see that I what I thought I knew about myself was actually true.

My mission is to help others while still maintaining a good work-life balance.