Creative Computer

By: Emi Gonzalez was my favorite resource this year because it made me a much better typist. In computer class this year, we've done so many things this year like , but by far, this is the best typing resource I have used this year. Typing web can help you as much as it helped me.

Typing is very important in life because is very important to life because you need to know how to type to get a better jobs and be able to write essays and different things for jobs or schoolwork.Using. typing will be able to help people be more accurate with writing and be able to type with no grammatical errors in sentences because of spell check. The world is moving forward with better and faster improvement in new inventions. The usage of computers has become almost necessary.

Typing web is a great resource because of its uses. In this typing website, there are many utilities including things like courses, which you are able to practice your typing. There are also typing games that also help you be a better typist because they all deal with speed. if you are doing this for a class, like i am, you can go to class scoreboard to see what rank or place you are in.

TO conclude why typing web is my favorite resource this year i would like to say that i learned so much this part of the year because of this. I will remember all the skills i learned this year.

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