Sessions 1-7

In this module, we explored genetics. We used legos to simulate alleles. Also, we created a double helix strand. By doing this, we learned what it looked like, and the functions of it. Not only did we do that, but we learned about sex-linked traits, we stimulated our own dihybrid cross, and took two genotypes to create a phenotype. My favorite part of this module was creating the double helix strand. The reason for this was because i have always seen them around but i have never had a hands on experiment. Over all, I liked this module. I was a wonderful experience. However, i do not thing that this would be something that i would like to do when i get older.

careers in this field!

There are many careers that could relate to this module one example of this could be a surgeon. To take on the task of being a surgeon you must know everything that there is to know about the body. Including genetics.

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