Call of Duty: Greatest Game Series Ever

Get the stupid noobs off the game

Call of Duty is easily the best violent and shooting game ever to be made and played. It was fun up until noob tubers and campers started to play the game. Because of these low-life wannabees, the game has become less enjoyable. COD became so bad when the "squeakers" came online, most people stopped playing it. I even tried to put up with the two year olds playing this game, but my rage couldn't last any longer. So every time I hear squeaker, I yell at the them until they leave the lobby. So today, I start a petition to get rid of these "things". Quickscoping is allowed because it is usually done in a private game which doesn't affect me or the other players that want to play the game right.

Also Halo Sucks

This is one of the squeakers that you would come across

People who play World of Warcraft also should be locked up somewhere where no one would find them. They make fun of us Cod lovers for spending so much when they spend a lot more.

World of Warcraft is terrible.
80% of kids say they have skill but they nube toob the full 10 minutes of Team Deathmatch
Not even Pepperidge Farm...


Please call 555-Save-Cod

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