Nicholas Palka

Mrs. Scott

4 May 2015

Personal Social Ethics (3)

The Seleka and the anti-Balakaboth want religious and political power.

Only the C.A.R. and the U.N. are involved.

The tactics that are being used are sexual violence, murdering, burning houses, and villages.

Muslims and Christians both want religious and political power.

There are U.N. peacekeepers who are supposed to act non-violently unless attacked.  They are meant to help refugees safe from all the war and violence.  There has been no impact whatsoever.  I believe that the U.N. should get other countries to intervene and to stop this war.  The U.S. is not interested because there is no oil for them, so they decide to leave it alone.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic civil war

Civil war violence

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