Health Science Career Cluster

I want to be a child and adult Orthodontist.

Orthodontist: Examines, diagnoses, and treats dental malocclusion and oral cavity anomalies. Designs and fabricates appliances to realign teeth and jaws to produce and maintain normal function and to improve appearance.

Orthodontist make $215,780 a year and $94.36 a hour.


Skills you need are:

  • Reading comprehension – medium (Level 4)
  • Active listening – medium (Level 5)
  • Writing – medium (Level 3)
  • Speaking – medium (Level 5)
  • Science – medium (Level 4)
  • Critical thinking – medium (Level 5)
  • Active learning – medium (Level 4)
  • Learning strategies – medium (Level 3)
  • Monitoring – medium (Level 4)
  • __________________________________________________________
  • A person in this career:
    • Studies diagnostic records, such as medical or dental histories, plaster models of the teeth, photos of a patient's face and teeth, and X-rays, to develop patient treatment plans.
    • Adjusts dental appliances to produce and maintain normal function.
    • Fits dental appliances in patients' mouths to alter the position and relationship of teeth and jaws or to realign teeth.
    • Diagnoses teeth and jaw or other dental-facial abnormalities.
    • Examines patients to assess abnormalities of jaw development, tooth position, and other dental-facial structures.
    • Provides patients with proposed treatment plans and cost estimates.
    • Instructs dental officers and technical assistants in orthodontic procedures and techniques.
    • Prepares diagnostic and treatment records.
    • Designs and fabricates appliances, such as space maintainers, retainers, and labial and lingual arch wires.
    • Coordinates orthodontic services with other dental and medical services.
    • _____________________________________________________
    • GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING A Orthodontist.
    • Orthodontists can choose their working hours
    • You'll need an excellent academic record to get into a training program.
    • Orthodontics is studied at dental school.

    • You pluck a juicy apple off the tree. It would be great to chomp into the delicious fruit, but first you have to take the apple inside and cut it into bite size pieces. It's just one of the small trials of wearing braces.
      But it's worth it -- in another two years you'll have the beautiful smile you've always dreamed about. And besides, it's not so bad because lots of your friends wear braces, too.
      In fact, about 70 percent of the population could probably stand to have orthodontic treatment.
    • _____________________________________________________
    • IS THIS FOR YOU? you will need to be able to do the following:
    • Investigative – You are a "thinker". When you have a problem, you like to analyze it and look at different ways to solve it. You like to work by yourself, and you don''t like explaining your ideas to other people.
    • Realistic – You are a "doer". You like physical activities and projects. You like to find the answers to problems by doing hands-on work instead of talking about solutions.
    • Social – You are a "helper". You like being around people and helping them with problems. Socializing is fun for you
    • _____________________________________________________