North Korea threatening Korea with missile tests

North Korea has been testing nuclear development and constently firing missles on the Korean territory killing 4 people living on an island and 46 sailors on the Korea sea over the past two years. North Korea is also a threat to Japan and U.S. army base that are placed in South Korea.

This act of aggression by the North Korea is threatening civilians living near the border and neighboring countries like Japan to be on guard every time. America is also invovled to stop any type of outbreak of war. To prevent further aggression Korea strongly reacted by firing back which made the North upset.

North Korea has been demanding resources and freedom to test nuclear wepons without the other countries spying over them. The dictator Jeong-eun Kim is using any methods to keep his regime by appealing that they can cross any line to get what they want.

Functionalist View: Everytime North Korea tests missiles that is regarded as a threat, U.S and neighboring countries have to be alert to respond to the threat that North Korea sends. They need to function as the protector of South Korea because if North Korea do anything unreasonable people in South Korea will die and there will be possible war between two countries.

Interactional View: Korean citizen and the military are discussing upon when and how they will react when North Korea do something irrational. There are news that discuss about what will happen when North Korea invades South Korea. People are affected by the current events that are direct threat to their lives.

Conflict View: North and South Korea are in the conflict of a war. North Korea wants resources and supplies to keep their regime while South Korea wants to have peace and keep the country out of trouble. Many politicians are having conflict whether they want to unify or remain seperate with the North.

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Gas attacks in Syria

Syrian government has used poisonous gas during a civil war. However this is not a civil war but a brutal genoicde. They used cholrine which is colorless and ordorless which makes it inevitable for the citizens that are attacked with the gas. Now innocent people and kids have died due to the gas which burns the inside of the lung making it hard to breath.

Gas warfare has been prohibited due to its cruelty which slowly kills a person from inside. It takes hours for a person to die suffering from hallucinations due to dying nerves and pain that last until they stop breathing. It is also indetectable which makes it so hard for the third party like U.N to step in on whether who used the gas or not.

This event effects people globally now that a country in the middle eastern has the possesion of the dangerous weapon. The U.N has to consider its approach to this issue wisely to avoid another threat from the Syrian government.

Functionalist View: In this case the government failed to serve the function to protect its citizens. They used chemical warfare to stop the so called "rebels" that were considered a threat to their regime. U.N who serves the function to keep the global peace has stepped in to investigate on the gas but could not find evidence since the trace has already disappeared.

Conflict View: The rebels and the Syrian government are directly on conflict. The government and the U.N is on conflict to resolve the issue without any other casualties. They are approaching the issue carefully to negotiate the best outcome.

Interactionalist View: Chemical warfare has not been openly used after world war 1 due to its gruesome effect on the human body. The news around the world alerts people all over the world to alert the inhumane event that a government used against its citizens. This event affects many people emotionally.

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Russia invading Crimea

Recently there has been an outbreak of protest by the civilians that oppose to the pro-Russian president. This resulted fight against both parties that seriously damaged people's lives and the country.

Russia is taking its action by sending troops that seize important part of the strategic. Also they have shut down any connection to prevent any communcation within Ukrain.

Putin is enforcing  military action when Crimea is annexed territory. While this is happening U.S refuses to act upon this issue allowing Putin to violate the territory of Ukraine.

Unidentified military people are now occupying major airports and important areas around the parliament.

Conflict View: Russia and Ukraine are fighting against whether who will take sovergnity of the Ukraining government. U.S and Russia are conflicting upon whether Russia will act on aggression toward the Ukraine.

Functionalist View: Russia wants to take control of the Ukraine that will bring more profit for them. While U.S and the U.N act as a peace maker that protects the Ukrainian people.

Interactionalist View: People around the world are witnessing injustice that Russia is trying to achieve. Many people will talk about this issue trying to spread the news online by the social media.

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