My summer was literally nothing interesting because I have basically 6 friends and most of them left this summer. I also have nothing to write about in this because my summer literally consisted of me binge watching Yogscast and scrolling endlessly through my Tumblr dash. So yeah, woo summer! Oh and I guess the Sound of Music and Shrek was pretty cool but you know, I get paid for being there so I could care less.

My Summer I Guess

Kayla Miller

My summer literally consisted of nothing except scrolling through my dash on Tumblr.

Watching videos on YouTube because I'm the biggest loser ever and have no plans ever.

Band because let's add to my loser status even more.

Actually working because I never get paid because working video in McHale literally gives you no money.

Actually seeing my friends when I can because they actually like me.

Spending time with Evan before he leaves for the Army.

And finally, more Tumblr.