Motion Group Assignment-

Natasha, Caroline, Sarah, and Naomi

These are how Newtons Three Laws effect Caty's motion!

Forces Acting on Caty

The forces acting on Caty are friction and a pushing force. These forces are unbalanced. At first, Caty goes fast, because the pushing force is greater than the frictional force. Then, Caty slows down because the pushing force goes down making the frictional force increase. Then Caty gets faster, then slower and slower until the pushing force is zero.

Caty's Life Story!

Caty is our beloved caterpillar friend. Caty loves to inch his way along life. Caty's life story begins the day he was born. We found Caty as an egg. There had been a storm the night before and then he was all alone! WE SAVED HIS LITTLE TINY LIFE!!! We took Caty in under our wing. We cared for him. Caty wasn't like the other caterpillars. He loves to do track, but was made fun of for the sound he made when he inched! He over came the teasing and was always faster than his other friends, he even won the National Caterpillar Olympics (NCO)! Caty was recognized all over the nation. He won numerous awards, like the Nobel Prize which he won just last year for discovering the cure for caterpillar cancer. Caty met his wife Natasha when he went bowling. Natasha had accidentally stepped on him. Quickly Natasha, rushed Caty to the caterpillar hospital. Poor Caty, nobody thought he would make it! But then, Sarah the magical caterpillar fairy flew in. She cast a spell on Caty and saved his life yet again! Hooray! Caty forgave Natasha for almost murdering him and then they eventually got married, Naomi was the bridesmaid. Unfortunately, 3 days later they divorced. Caty had fallen in love with Caroline! They now live happily ever after together, but don't worry Natasha and Caty are still best friends. The End!

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