because google glass is too mainstream

A few years back I took a long road trip with my grandparents, and growing up they used the old fashion GPS, you know, road maps? The big piece of paper that took up the whole car to look at. Who knew they still made those? ha!! Granted they drove everywhere they went, so looking at the directions was something they didn't need to often do. I however being a passenger and younger I actually had a GPS, I offered to let them use it on several occasions. I was excited to show them how technology can work and how easy it is. At one point while heading home the van broke down and my first thought was I can tell the tow truck exactly where we are I just need to pull the map up on a screen to get the information...nope grandma already had her trusty large piece of paper out.

As I grow older, I notice that technology has become apart of all of our daily lives. Does not matter how old you are, the generation just below you knows just a little more than you do about technology, which means that my 5 year old niece could probably design and build a computer by now.

Technology has gone above and beyond my expectations as a 32 year old and the older I get the more I am amazed at what the world can do. My project is on one of the latest and greatest inventions by one of the most popular companies around, Google and its Google Glass! I was fortunate enough to actually get my hands on a pair and try them out for a very short period in time. Google sent me a personal invite, so I took up the offer. Once I got them in the mail I felt like I was apart of the elite crowd even though I was going to turn around and try and make some money off them by reselling.

Google Glass does everything your phone/computer could do just in an easier multitasking kind of way. There are two sides to every story and from the reactions of people regarding this product there are two different reactions. I fortunately understand both sides. The one side if from the people that are interested and excited about the product. They want to try it out and use it on a daily basis. With the functions of texting, video chatting, directions, internet use, weather, updates and much more the busy population can get more done and have a computer do a lot for you hands free just by asking it to do it. With the capabilities of video and photo capturing when wearing them in public places you could possibly offend and upset the other side. The idea of someone wearing google glass and not knowing if they are video taping or taking a picture of you is a scary thought. Being able to have full access to someone personal info just by looking at them and being able to pull up different profiles on the specific person. Some people are just scared because they really don't understand the glasses and what it is really capable of doing.


Google Glass contains the fundamental bits of any computer, including a CPU, sensors such as GPS, speakers, microphone and battery, to which are added a tiny projector and a prism that redirects the light onto your retina. Each component is neatly embedded in the frame. To keep the device as light as possible, most of the processing will actually take place in the cloud (like it does with Appleā€™s Siri), so a good mobile broadband signal is essential.


While wearing google glass all you need to do is give the google glass command: "Google Glass, take a picture and what ever is in your view finder will be the photo you take.


Same as a photograph give the command and a video will start recording. Many public business have already banned the use of google glass such as casinos and strip clubs.


Now we have all heard and most have tried some type of video chat. FaceTime, Skype, google chat and so on.. This is a hands free quick streaming way to video chat share what you are seeing right now...


The quickest and easiest way of finding your way. However with all of the other things google glass can do several state authorities have already banned google glass from being used in your car while driving. So you better pull out your road map!


In another country and don't know the language? No worries, google glass is your personal translator.

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