Effects of Technology

How technology changes our world

How has technology changed the world?

technology has changed the world just take a look at people almost everyone calling.

What is technology used for

Technology is used just about for everything people find thing on the internet. people play games,call,text Technology is used for almost everything

How does technology help us

Technology helps us by finding things telling people things by calling them .it is also used to build and explore.

What is technology

technology is basicly phones computer tv. almost everything in the world.

What would we do without technology

the world would not be the same everyone would have to do everything by hand no machines no calling no texting nothing.

How much has technology advanced in time

before people used huge cell phone and most people didnt have cell [phones but they had to remember all of thier numbers. now we have touch screen phones witch can get on the internet and if u have to call someone you can just go to contacts and it remembers it

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