Edward Guerin

Edward Guerin Handles All His Responsibilities With Full Dedication

Edward Guerin is a professional Lacrosse trainer based in Hickory, North California. To help young Lacrosse players to discover their true potential, Edward teaches them at Lenoir Rhyne University. As an coach and educator, he encourages a spirit based on the enjoyment of playing in the team players and the desire to improve their skills. He was a two-year letter winner and a captain for the Bears (2012-13) who finished his L-R career with 17 goals, 16 assists and 39 ground balls.

During his senior season in 2013, as a mid fielder he led Lenoir Rhyne University players for their first appearance in the Deep South Conference Tournament. He also guided the program to a FHSAA 1A State Runner-up berths and multiple state semifinal appearances. As a coach, Edward Guerin handles diverse array of responsibilities like handling the offensive, managing the substitution box, coaching offensive plays, facilitating agility drills and conditioning workouts, leading midfielders and attack man through shooting, dodging, and other offensive schemes. He is also perfect in assisting with athlete skill development, recruiting athletically and academically qualified student-athletes, game planning, practice planning, academic advising, scouting, study hall programs, travel planning, and assisting with community service and budgets.

In his past, he handled various designations with full devotion and perfection. He served as Camp Counselor at Lenoir Rhyne University Bears Lacrosse Camp, Assistant Coach at Palm Beach Storm Lacrosse, Camp Counselor at H3 Lacrosse https://tackk.com/9lqbraCamp, and Camp Counselor at Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp. He gives lacrosse coaching in an educational sports environment. He believes in relationship building opportunity within the team players that allows for superior learning and instruction, intensive program development and measuring individual success. He also considers that to build young boys into men it is important to instill strong character, work ethic and commitment in the sport so that they can learn these values easily and effectively.

Despite of being busy with his professional life, Edward Guerin never forgets to visit his parents, who reside in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida shows that he is a family person and a dedicated player equally.