ABC's  of Culture


Created By: Chiamara Lawrence

Nepal is part of Asia.  Nepal is surrounded by the countries of China, and India.    


-   The Malla rulers weakened the kingdom which leads Nepal to fall in to British hands.  

-   After the people of Nepal won back there freedom from the British they then built there temples. 

-      The Buddha was born in Licchar which is now modern day Nepal.    

Bhaktapur is a temple in Nepal which holds some old architectural art from early Nepal.  


-        If you own a house in a urban or rural area of Nepal by family you will most likely own the house by family. 

-        Nepal most traditional sport is cricket and soccer. 

-        Traditional holidays are Dashain and Tinar.      

This picture is of houses in eastern Nepal rasied of the ground which proctes them from bad weather like hurricanes. 


-     Nepal population is 30,986,975

-      More than half of the population lives in Terai.

-     18 % of people live in urban areas . 

This picture shows people in general to represent the people of Nepal living in one place.   


-       Women wear a sari. A sari is long colorful wrapround dress

-       A tika is a red powered dot placed on your forehead.  

-       Traditional clothes for celebrations are cotton pants and long tunic.     


-        81 % of the Nepal population is made up of Hindus, then 9 % is "Buddhist next 4 % is Muslim last 3 % is Kirant and 1 % Cristian.     

-   Nepal is home to many different holy places for every different religion that is in Nepal.

-    All the different religions that live in Nepal can get along well.    

People of Nepal gathering together for a religions meeting.  


-   Principle number 1,Culture is shared among a group of people, relates to Nepal because so many different cultures all live in Nepal as one country in peace and harmony.

-      Principle number 4 , Culture is both seen and unseen , relates to Nepal because even though what you see people do as a religious practice on the outside you still don't know how they can value something else on the inside that does not show. 

-     After learning about different cultures my take away is, that culture is a personal difference and that even though your culture or belief  is different than someone else, you still except that they are different than you and be mindful of what you say and do .  So even though they are different than you that is no reason to judge them on anything.        


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