Niman Ranch Beef - Investing in the Future

While other meat suppliers shy away from making economic and environmental sustainability a priority, Niman Ranch Beef sees sustainability as a priority for everything it does. Niman Ranch gets its products from ranches throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest regions that follow Niman Ranch’s strict guidelines for sustainable ranching and the humane treatment of animals. Niman Ranch believes in the power of sustainability because as a company it tries to keep an eye on the future of agriculture in the United States. Niman Ranch also tries to protect its affiliates in exchange for following their rules. Niman Ranch pays premium prices for well-processed meat. These prices are worth it for Niman Ranch Beef because the quality.

Niman Ranch Beef also believes that the sustainability practices it preaches truly help the farmers at the supply level because these practices help the family-owned and operated farms Niman Ranch deals with to keep their operation going for generations to come. Some of these practices include grazing rotation and other measures designed to keep the pasture land fresh and able to support herds for years on the same land.

Niman Ranch Beef products have a lessened environmental impact and represent the spirit of family-owned and operated ranches, values that are becoming extinct in the landscape of big agriculture. While more companies turn to production over all other factors and the quality of their food decreases, Niman Ranch Beef wants to be on the right side of history.

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