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    Teach Like A Pirate

    For the next 5 weeks I will be sharing some great information from Teach Like a Pirate, by Dave Burgess!  This  will also be our "Theme" for next year:) I have purchased 10 copies of this book. If you would love a good reading, let me know.

    Here is our schedule.....

    May 1st - Passion and Immersion

    May 8th - Rapport and Ask and Analyze

    May 15th- Transformation and Enthusiasm

    May 22nd - Part II: Crafting engaging lessons

    May 29th - Part III:  Building a better pirate


    The first chapter of the books is all about finding your Passion. What's your professional passion? This question is basically asking why you are a teacher.

    There are three great questions that Burgess asks that you are supposed to answer before reading the section.

    1) Within your subject matter, what are you passionate about teaching? 1a Danielson

    2) Within your profession, but not specific to your subject matter, what are you passionate about? 4a Danielson

    3) Completely outside of your profession, what are you passionate about? 2a, 4e and habit 2

    When you combine your content, professional and personal passion you get an unstoppable teacher! "Teaching is no longer abut relaying the content's about transforming lives. It's about killing apathy. It's about helping the next generation fulfill their potential and become successful human beings. It's no longer about memorizing facts; it's about inspiring greatness."


    This section focuses on being present in the moment. He uses the analogy of the swimming pool and whether the teacher is a lifeguard or a swimmer.  He stated that the lifeguard sits above the action and supervises the pool deck. The swimmer is out participating and is an integral part of the action. "It's fare more powerful to swim with your students." Talk about habit 1! "When delivering first instruction, especially to struggling learners, you need to leave the comfort of the lounge chair or lifeguard tower and jump into the water with your students."

    I know that I am guilty of multitasking. I do a much better job when I give one person my undivided attention than when I give several things divided attention. This chapter was a good reminder that kids pick up on this just as much as we do and have the same feelings/reactions that we do.

    "At some point in the your career you have to decide if you care more about teaching to tests or teaching kids." pg. 18

    Use those teachable moments!!

    This Week....

    Monday: National Teachers Day; Chorus; 3pm Board Meeting

    Tuesday: 7:15 McDonald's will provide breakfast; K-2 SAT10 Training

    Wednesday: I will be at the ECTAC Conference in Orlando (Wed. & Thurs.)

    Thursday: 5th grade visit to Surfside

    Friday: Beach Relay for Life

    Coming Up...

    Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Practice; 9 am Beach Battle of the Books; Chorus

    Tuesday: Shipwreck Island Field Trip

    Wednesday: Campus Clean Up Day

    Thursday: Junior Olympics

    Friday: AR cutoff; LEADERSHIP DAY

    HAPPY Birthday

                           5/7 Bryan Long, 5/7 Mirlo Hash & 5/8 Tobi Lindsey

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