Learning to Teach
Day 17: Test

Today was the day of the first test I will give as well as made up my on my own. Now I did not make the test to last the whole 90 minutes, however I did not seem to have made the test long enough that it left many students in my first period class which a large amount of unstructured time. Which my host teacher pointed out right away, saying that I needed to find something or else my other classes won't take that time and make it productive on their own.

The good thing was that I had already made copies for the next project that I was going to introduce to the student tomorrow ready and handed out in the student folders. I used those and instructed the students after I had gone over the test directions that they were to go to their folders to find the articles of the myths they were going to be reading and working from for the next several days.

The the other thing that happened was that in my first period class, some students pointed out several typos or something wrong with my test. I had made sure, and then doubly sure that I did not have any. Now, I will plan to check quadruple times.

One thing I will take away from this day is that what you think might happen, might not happen at all. Also that I either should make the test last all period, or I need to have the test and something else planed.

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