Surviving in Hiroshima


By Mike Kenny

The explosion of an atomic bomb

If I was there

        If I was able to provide assistance to the Hiroshima bombing survivors, I would probably not help and run for my life, honestly. I would have ran around and later in life felt guilt for doing nothing. I would have tried to persuade people to just run and go into hiding.

Hiroshima Poem

The people ran as terror struck,

The people could only try to duck,

Debris flying and people dying everywhere,

The U.S.A. gave them a scare.

An atomic bomb had struck the land,

And people ran and ran and ran,

People were just so confused,

They thought that they were USed.

F.D.R. Sitting tight,

The Emperor of Japan in terrible fright,

The U.S. worried, sitting still,

Until Japan announced the thrill.

Japan's surrender ended the war,

Making Japan laugh and roar,

The damage done on Japan that day,

Was never forgiven as children play.

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2 years ago

Your poem is good. Also your pictures are very descriptive and nice.

2 years ago

Good poem, the last picture is cool too. I like your honesty in the assistance part. Good job!

2 years ago

poem is better than most 😄 not bad

2 years ago

Honestly i would probably do the same thing as you

2 years ago

I thought that your song was interesting

2 years ago

haha thanks elizabeth