The Roar by:emma clayton

The roar takes place in future london about mika who lives he poor life in a slum one day his freind had a smart idea to play a jet simulator game to win the main prize a aprtament in the golden turrets


       The roar starts off with ellie escaping from the base with a jet and  a monkey flies off


i think the conflict is ellie getting kidnapped and her brother is trying to find her

rising action number 1

i think the first rising action is mika going to school and taking the serum to help him grow

rising action number 2

is when mika is  competing for the help bot


is when mika is competing for the apartment it makes you think is he gonna make it?

falling action

is when mika and ellie meet up


is when the genaral explains his plan

character devolepment

in the beginning mika gives off a vibe of shyness and by the time he has to drink the solution to give him strength he shows he is closed minded and when he finds ellie he shows how caring he is