The Highway to Greatness

                                Adrian Iannamico

Top Ten List

1.The Constitution- The Constitution is a very valuable structured document that protects the natural rights that the United States Citizens were born with and cannot be taken. The Constitution is a living document which means it can be changed or altered even today, since things will change over time and as we grow up change will be needed to fit daily life styles.

2.The Bill of Rights- The Bill of Rights was written in 1789 and are the first 10 amendments from the Constitution which provides protection for everyones individual rights.

3.The Declaration of Independence- In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote a draft of a formal document written to urge colonies to become an independent nation. In this draft, Thomas Jefferson emphasized natural rights and how they cannot be taken away from us. On July 4th,1776 this document was passed through congress and made into an official document declaring independence from the British.

4.Stamp Act- The Stamp Act, occurring in 1765, opposed tax on the British without their consent. The Stamp Act forced all printed goods to be stamped with a seal after taxes were paid.

5.Tea Act- The Tea Act in 1773 was made to raise the tax on the beloved tea of the colonists. British imposed the tax on the tea without the consent of the colonists which made them angry and was an example used in the constitution, because of the tax without consent.

6.Boston Tea Party- The Boston Tea Act occurred as a result to people dressed as Indians throwing the boxes of tea of the harbor. This was a message to the government telling them that they were not going to pay taxes and this was their way of protesting against the government

7.Boston Massacre- The Boston Massacre occurred on the cold night of March 5, 1770. There was a large crowd yelling and screaming, a solider was going to help another to regain control but shot went out and a total of 5 people were killed that night.

8.The Sons of Liberty- The Sons of Liberty were focused on creating liberty for the people and protect the rights of the colonists.

9.The Articles of Confederation- The Articles of Confederation,made in November 1777, provided a central government for the states to retain their power. Each state had its own sovereignty which made the states contain and power their own states, without other people changing the ways the state work.

10.The Revolutionary War- In 1776, The Revolution started with the Redcoats and the Patriots fighting on the coast. The Redcoats outnumbered the Patriots by about 10,000, the Redcoats absolutely annihilated the patriots. The Revolutionary War ended in 1789, with the patriots at a death count of 25,000. The Revolutionary War was based of of the tax without representation, which means the British imposed taxes without the Americans consent which caused disagreement amongst the Americans.


James Madison was a very influential person. He was know as the "Father of the Constitution" because of all his work and efforts to enact the Constitution. I believe that James Madison had the poster boy work ethic, he would never give up and seeing his accomplishments you can tell. His incredible work ethic got him a United States Presidency as the 4th president leading us from 1809-1817 serving two terms. James Madison created the Virginia Plan which was a blueprint for the Constitution which used a bicameral legislative and representation based on the population of the states for the better way on the Constitution. James Madison grew up in a very large family, he had 12 siblings and was the oldest one of them all. His dad's name is James as well but instead of being a high up political figure he used his 3,000 acres of land to be a very successful planter.


Thomas Jefferson lived a very eventful life and created things that helped bind our nation together. He was on April 13, 1743 in a small town in Virginia called Shadwell. He grew up in a family of ten siblings and he was the 3rd oldest. He grew up in a prestigious family  which was made up of elite farmers and surveyors. He father was a very successful farmer as well as a gifted surveyor and made the first accurate map of the Province of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson has accomplished great achievements such as writing the U.S. Constitution and being the United States' 3rd President. He created many memories and helped with multiple disagreements. One of Thomas Jefferson's famous quote's was "A little rebellion every now and then is good for the country." He said this regarding Shay's Rebellion regarding the questioning of power of the government. Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments will forever be remembered and he stopped performing those accomplishments on July 4, 1826 when he died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in a bed at a house near Charlottesville, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson's death followed only a couple hours before John Adams' death. On July 4, 1826 the world lost two great leaders and will never be forgotten.

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                                                                By the Numbers

Boston Massacre- 5 deaths total, 3 died at the scene, 2 died later on after

The Constitution- 27 amendments, 4607 words, and 7 pages long

The Bill of Rights- 10 amendments, 24 rights

The Revolutionary War- 25,000 Patriots died in the war

Lexington and Concord- 73 regulars were killed

The Battle of Bunker Hill- The British lost over 1,000 people

The Declaration of Independence- 56 delegates have signed the Declaration of Independence

The Boston Tea Party- 342 boxes of tea were thrown overboard

Natural Rights- The 3 natural rights consisted of life, liberty, and happiness

Separation of Power in the Government- There are 3 separations of power in the government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial

                                                         Map~ Lexington & Concord

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was a big historical battle all centered around confiscation of the Colonial armory. Tension was building up over time between the two lands of Lexington and Concord. The battle of Lexington and Concord is where Paul Revere said his famous quote "The British are Coming, The British are Coming," he said this quote as he was riding through where the colonists were sleeping at midnight to warn them about the attack that was soon to occur. Little did the British know but when they started the battle, the colonists relocated their weapons so the British could not find them. This really through them off and made them change there plans.  When the battle was over 73 regulars died at the end. This proves to us that war and battles do not solve all conflict.

                                                           Newspaper Article
The Bill of Rights keeps this nation bound together, if you didn't know it is the first 10 amendments to the constitution which helps keep our daily lives in the plain. Its the better version of the Constitution! Not only does the  Constitution protect our natural right but the Bill of Rights gives us 24 rights that protect our freedom and provide us the freedom we need such as the 2nd amendment which allows us to own firearms. This is the new and improved version, go vote for the Bill of Rights and give the government a big thanks for letting you guys have all this freedom that some countries do not get to have. I personally feel like life without the Bill of Rights would be the same, our right are now protected and we can live free and happy with the protection guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

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