By: Mark Robinson, State Report

  The state of Colorado is very fascinating, the state capital is Denver.  The state bird is called the Lark Bunting.

  The Colorado state flower is the Aquilegia Saximontana, or the Blue Columbine

Colorado is also called the Centennial State. The state modo is Nil Sine Numine "Nothing without providence." Colorado became a state on August 1 1876. The land area is 104,185 sq miles or 269,837 sq km. Colorado's population is 5,029,196 people.

  The climate of Colorado is dry winters with occasional snow. The Spring is pretty windy with high chances of changeble wheather. There is not much humidity in the summers, also hot days and cool nights. There are pleasent and often pretty dry Falls. It can be anywhere from 59 to 88 degrees in the summer, and -61 to 43 degrees in the winter. Also the climate can be Semiarid in some areas and it can also be a Highland climate in some areas to.

  The three largest cities in Colorado are

1. Denver 600,158

2.Colorado Springs 416,427

3. Aurora 325,078


  These are the 6 states that border Colorado.

1. Wyoming




5.New Mexico


  The major bodies of water in Colorado are The Colorado River, the Rio Grande, the Grand Lake, and the Arkansas River.

  Here are some Fascinating facts about Colorado. One of the Four Airforce Academy's in the U.S. are in Colorado. Denver has claimed to have invented the cheeseburger. The first license plate given on a car in the U.S. was issued in Denver, Colorado in 1908. The main agricultural products that are grown in Colorado are cattle, dairy products, corn, hay, and wheat.

The Reason I Picked This State

The reason why I picked this state was because I loved going there to Ski/Snowboard. I really didn't know much so I wanted to find out more about it.

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