Golden Hearts Horse Club

Our Team mascot is Beauty. Beauty is a Palomino Horse.

Many, Many Horses!

These Pictures I found on the internet and I would like to thank everyone who took these amazing pictures or drew them and posted them on google! Many thanks to all the people who took these pictures! I will switch them out every so often so check in to see if your picture is on my site! I hope you find my site to get you interested in getting connected with horses! I will be making a horse club but the bad news is I can only have certain people. Also people that I know. Anyways I hope you love horses because this site might even help you get in love with horses and might help you know a little bit more interesting things about horses!

Weekly Goal!

This weeks goal is to find a horse picture that you drew or even found on the internet but it has to have something interesting to it. Send it to me by leaving a comment and yours might just be posted on my site! If yours is posted on my site I will hand out a special thanks and it will be judged out of four amazing pictures! If yours wins the contest your amazing photo will be posted in my site for a month. I will make sure to thank the person if you did not draw it. But please take part in this Weekly goal. I will take the top four that I like and hopefully yours in the winner of the month!


These are our winners for this month!

: Golden Hearts Horse Club!

: Golden Hearts Horse Club!

: Golden Hearts Horse Club!

: Golden Hearts Horse Club!

Many thanks to the people that drew these pictures or posted them online! Tune in soon for the winner of the month!

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