Tools of Trade

                                                       Naren Bollineni


Edmodo is a free learning management system. It lets us submit our assignments, are allowed to put item in backpack. Also, allows teachers to grade tests online put up assignments. Also, allows them to communicate with other classmates. is a tool which I can use to create infographics, they are visual representations of information. I can use this tool for my classes. The benefits of this tool are much easier to visual info, can do at home or classroom.


Remind is way of communicating with the students and parents in upcoming events in the classroom. I can use this tool for reminding myself when is the next test or the next club meeting.I don;t have to take stress about my test instead I can relax and then I will get my reminder when to start studying.


Tackk is website used to create webpages to present information in a fashionably manner. I can use this by going to the computer and logging in. But the benefits if of the neat way of showing information in a website format (blog).

Design Cycle

The Design Cycle is a system that will help you do your work by following certain steps. The system is useful and easy to understand because it guides you through the steps of how to do your project. The Design cycle starts with an INVESTIGATION and follows with PLAN/DESIGN, CREATE and then EVALUATE.

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