Portable Metal Detector Brief Introduction

Portable metal detector is designed to detect metal objects carried by human or other substances. Compared with other metal detectors, it is portable, that is the reason why it is called portable metal detector.

China X Ray baggage scanner wholesaler portable metal detector has wide application; it can be used in jail, chip factory, hospital, station, archaeology research, etc. It can detect metal objects carried in the parcel, baggage, mail, and it can even detect metal objects underground.

There is a buzzer inside the detector, which adopts direct voltage. Also, its sensitivity is changeable, and you can adjust suitable sensitivity. Moreover, you can choose the earphone, which is used to listen to the alarm. And there is an indicator light, which is used to indicate battery voltage. When the battery voltage is low, it will remind you to change battery. In addition, subway security inspection device adopts black aseismatic design so that it is anti-knock. It weights only 0.356kg, and it is really for users to carry.

As is known to all, sensitivity is the most parameter to decide the quality of a metal detector. A high sensitivity means a strong detecting ability. And the best portable metal detector can even detect 0.13g gold metal.

As a metal detector specially designed for security, High sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector is convenient. This convenient portable metal detector owns special surface. It can detect large areas quickly with high scanning speed and extremely high sensitivity. The shell of the portable metal detector adopts ABS engineering plastics, which results its strong antiknock capacity and light weight. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden on human’s bodies, including jewelry, electric components and parts.

It is easy to use it. Firstly, you should open the power switch, and when you hear “beep”, it indicates that the portable metal detector is on, and at the same time, the green light will lighten. If the green light does not lighten, it means that there is no battery or the battery contacts badly. If the detector sounds continuously or vibrates continuously, it means that you should change new battery. After turning on the portable metal detector, you should handle the handle and detect around the checked objects. The detector will vibrate or sound when there are metal objects, and the green light will turn to red light at the same time. Stop detecting and the red light turns to the green one, and alarm or vibration will stops at once.

This Identity recognize system is artificial intelligent. You can conduct low sensitivity test when you want to exclude the metal objects with small sizes. What you need to do is to press the low sensitivity switch and detect around suspicious objections by handling it. When there exists large size metal objects, the detector will alarm and vibrate, and its green light will turn to red one. Apart from it, you can adjust the sensitivity of portable metal detector. Using a small slot type screwdriver to rotate a small hole in the handle until it arrives your satisfaction.

Portable metal detector is a development product of metal detectors. I am sure that it will be improved better and better.