How obesity affects contemporary society

The main issue that the director talks about in the documentary super-size me is obesity. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in a lot of countries. This is a big problem because this disease affects tons of people worldwide, changing the society we live in today. This disease shortens the life span of a person greatly and will leave family members in grief for lost members knowing it could be prevented (type 2). Another effect this has on society is that the cost of treating the disease is great, leaving families and people tight on their money.

Costs such as personal medical care, hospital care, health services and drugs. These costs affect people with this disease greatly. Statistics show that a person with obesity compared to someone without it spends at least 25 percent more on health funds. Obesity sometimes causes higher tax rates because of the government wanting the funding to help people with this disease. Obese family tend to make their children and family fat too because what they eat, is usually what the whole family will eat.

If there are a lot of obese or overweight people in the family, it will increase the chance of their children getting this disease and heart problems too because of the genes in the family. Obesity is a dangerous trap to fall into because it will affect you and everyone around you. The best way to eat is healthy and you should limit yourself to fast food to 1 or two times a month.

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