Wait, What is the Internet?

A computer is used to many different thing on the internet. From sending emails to searching the web, the internet can do many different things.

The Internet vs. Basically Everything Else

A web browser is like Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox

The web is only one part of the internet

The internet is everything from emails to online gaming to videos

A website is a collection of webpages

A web address it the long link that is at the top of a website

A search engine is link Google, Yahoo and Bing

The visible web is all the public access websites on the Web

The deep web is all website, database, personal and regular

Search Engines

The search box is called a query

The I'm Feeling Lucky button brings you directly to the most visited site based off of your search

The different branches of Google are web. images. video, maps, news, shopping and Gmail

The advanced search gives you even more precise answers about your search

The language tool can translate whole webpages into a different language

Keys to Search

How does a search work?

A  search engine searches it's databases, it analyses pages for relevance, it evaluates each source for reliability and then it ranks them in the order it thinks they should go from there

What matters in a search?

Every word matters. Order matters. Capitalization and punctuation does not.

Keep it simple and use specific words

Mixed Media

Google provides you with information, not just from the internet but books, newspapers and other resources too

You can input different dates to find news about things between those times

Believe It or Not

Finding a credible source can be a challenge sometimes but it is good one you find it (give them tips on how to find a credible source)

Hello Operators!

  • An operator is a symbol like #, @, %, ^, &,*, ( ), or _, and they can change your search drastically
    • NOTE: You have to have [brackets] around your search for the operators to work
  • Adding a + or - to a search makes sure that the word is either in/excluded from the search
  • Adding a ~ makes similar words become searched as well
  • Adding OR to a search makes both things to searched pop up simultaneously
  • Adding .. in between 2 number makes itself search within that range of numbers (good for time ranges)
  • Adding * tells Google that a word should be there but you don't know the missing words
  • Adding " " to a search makes your search appear with those exact words in the exact order